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Silverette Breastfeeding Cups

Silverette Breastfeeding Cups

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Silverette cups utilise the natural healing properties of silver to prevent and soothe nipple pain, cracks, cuts and inflammation.

No creams necessary, completely natural, safe for mum and baby, easy to use and best of all, they can be used indefinitely! Cups are worn in between feeds. 


Please note, the sizing only affects the comfort factor for some, NOT the effectiveness. 

How to determine your size:

ORIGINAL: Suitable for those with a bra size of a C cup or less and an areola size LESS THAN 4.5 cm.
XL: Suitable for those with a bra size of a C cup or more and an areola size EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN 4.5 cm.
If your measurements do not fit into the above two categories then order EXTRA LARGE, as this will ensure maximum comfort. For example, if your bra size is smaller than a C cup but your areolas are 4.5 cm or greater, order XL. If your bra size is larger than a C cup but your areolas are smaller than 4.5 cm, order XL. 

Please also consider that pregnancy and milk production will change the size of your breasts and areolas. If your measurements are on the cusp during pregnancy it would be best to size up, as more than likely your breasts and therefore areolas will enlarge when your milk comes in. If in doubt, size up. It is better to have them slightly bigger than slightly smaller. 

If your areola measurements indicate that you require the XL size but you have purchased the original, this does not mean that the original size is no longer suitable, so do not worry. Regardless of the size, they will work as intended. THE ORIGINAL SIZE REMAINS A ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST. If you are using the original size and they are working for you, you do not need to change to the XL ones. 

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