FREE Baby Wishlist Template

Are you wanting to create a bit of a wish list to help your family and friends out on what to get you for you and your new babe? Something that is shareable and FREE. So they can get you something you really want and avoid double / triple ups.

People that haven't had kiddies for a while or haven't had them yet generally have NO idea on what to get. I know for me I would rather get something that the person wants and would love to be reassured that no one else will get it too.

Help them out by completing and then sharing the below wishlist out, so they can mark off what has been purchased and you can point them in the right direction. You can have a range of different items and price points too. 

Click the link below to get started! Make sure you go to Files -> Make a Copy then also when you are ready to share make sure you change sharing settings to anyone with this link can edit so people can mark off what they have brought.

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